Our work culture and values

Bharti has traversed a long way from its humble beginnings of being a bicycle component manufacturer in 1976 to a truly global business conglomerate with interests in telecom, retail, financial services, sales & distribution of communication equipments, processed foods, real estate and training & development. This transformational journey has been made possible through the dynamic leadership of our entrepreneurial leaders and the professional expertise of our people. We call this combination the ‘P-E Balance’ or the ‘Professional-Entrepreneurial Balance’.

At the foundation of all that we do is a very strong values framework that acts as a set of guiding principles for the organization. Our core work values encompass:

  • Entrepreneurship

    A core tenet for a first-generation entrepreneurial company. We believe in providing people opportunities to do all that they can and be what they want to be.

  • Respect for all

    Being respectful towards all whom we meet during our day-to-day professional interactions.

  • Passion for performance

    Our journey would not have been possible without an enduring, bordering on fanatical focus on performance. This is what we also seek in our employees – a keen focus on outcomes through performance excellence.

  • Teamwork

    We value “the power of many” and look to harness collective synergies through collaboration and teamwork.

  • Building collaborative partnerships

    Forging strategic partnerships with eminent brands and companies from across the world - be it SingTel, AXA, Del Monte - is part of our DNA. We are passionate about building strong, long-lasting relationships with our employees, customers and partners.

At Bharti, we believe in the power of informal communication. Much of our work gets done by picking up the phone or popping into a team member’s cabin. This culture of informality, a hallmark of a ‘small’ company, is what we have tried to retain throughout our growth journey.



Changing Lives

How our Mobile towers are reducing carbon footprint

Mobile towers are the lifeline of any cellular network. A smooth network depends on uninterrupted and adequate supply of power. In many parts of India, power supply is erratic. Most towers have a diesel generator backup. The telecom industry, with nearly 6,00,000 towers, is the largest consumer of diesel today.

Bharti Infratel, one of India’s top tower companies, has taken a pioneering step towards replacing diesel generators with solar energy, reducing Co2 emissions by 2.5 tonnes per tower every year.

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