Our Green Initiatives

Telecommunications has been an intrinsic part of India's growth story. This sector brings far-reaching changes in the lives of urban and rural India by connecting them seamlessly. It is indeed interesting that in addition to urban areas, almost 90% of villages today are covered by improved telecommunications services. With over 900 million subscribers, today one can claim that the industry is the provider of the fourth basic need after food, clothes and shelter.

However, the industry faces stiff challenges that restrict it from providing access and connectivity to remote areas. One of the most critical challenges is unavailability or limited availability of grid power. Also the operators are required to meet minimum roll out obligations (coverage) and quality of service levels (network up time), failing which they are heavily penalized and often lose their licenses. To minimize environmental impact, all operators first use battery power and when these run out, they switch to diesel generators which increases the cost of operation by three to four times and adds to various operational complexities.

Green Energy

Bharti Infratel has taken proactive and bold steps to mitigate these challenges to improve operations and provide 24x7 network service uptime.

Bharti Infratel’s business model promotes tower sharing which helps bring down the carbon footprint for telecom networks and works towards a sustainable economy. Further, Bharti Infratel continues to deploy people, ideas and capital to find effective solutions to address environmental challenges. In this direction, Bharti Infratel has initiated Green Towers P7 program based on seven innovative ideas aimed at minimising dependence on diesel and thereby, ensuring reduction in carbon footprint. This program promotes (a) improving energy efficiency of tower infrastructure equipments, (b) use of renewable energy resources, and (c) reduction of equipment load on tower infrastructure equipments.



As part of the Green Towers P7 program, Bharti Infratel has commissioned:

• Over 1200 Solar powered towers with a total installed capacity of more than 6MW
• Variable speed DC powered DG sets
• Integrated Power Management Systems (IPMS), and
• Free Cooling Units (FCU)
• Green towers eliminating use of DG sets

Bharti Infratel’s Green Towers P7 program has been widely recognized across the industry. Bharti Infratel won the prestigious ‘Green Mobile Award’ at the 2011 GSMA Global Mobile Awards of driving one of the largest green power initiatives for mobile towers. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) also conferred upon Bharti Infratel, the National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2011 recognizing Green Towers P7 program as the ‘Most Innovative Energy Saving Product/Service’.

Bharti Infratel signed a Memorandum of Understanding with GSMA in March 2012, to develop and promote green technologies for telecom tower infrastructure in India. The collaboration entails working together to convert 1,000 Bharti Infratel towers into green towers, which will reduce greenhouse gas carbon emissions by almost 11,000 tonnes as a result of the reduced usage of diesel. Further, Bharti Infratel is partnering with Renewable Energy Service Companies (RESCO’s) in its efforts towards community power development along with powering its towers using renewable energy in rural areas.

Bharti Infratel recognizes that the journey to a cleaner and greener environment has just started. Bharti Infratel’s technical team is working relentlessly on expanding green energy portfolio by embracing various other new technologies like wind energy, biomass, and zero emission batteries.

For more information on Green Agenda at Bharti Infratel, visit www.bharti-infratel.com



Conserve Energy

At Bharti Airtel, we have launched a number of initiatives with an aim to reduce energy consumption in the areas of lighting and air conditioning. The company has installed Solar Hot Water Generator at its main campus in Gurgaon for fulfilling the hot water requirement in the cafeteria. Majority of its facilities across NCR region are now equipped with LES (Lighting Energy Savers), which have reduced energy consumption in the lighting system to the tune of 10-25%. Variable Frequency Drives installed in AHU (Air Handling Unit) at its campus have helped in enhancing the efficiency of cooling system by 10%. These measures have resulted in a total saving of 8.5 lakh units of electricity per year.

Airtel has embarked upon technology related initiatives like virtualization of servers that have helped it release over 500 CPUs. Also, the drive of sending e-bills to the post-paid customers is helping save over 80,000 trees annually. Within its campus, the ‘Secure Print Solution' - an automated queue management based secured printing solution has led to an annualized saving of about 8 tonnes of paper.


Social Responsibility

Changing Lives

How our Mobile towers are reducing carbon footprint

Mobile towers are the lifeline of any cellular network. A smooth network depends on uninterrupted and adequate supply of power. In many parts of India, power supply is erratic. Most towers have a diesel generator backup. The telecom industry, with nearly 6,00,000 towers, is the largest consumer of diesel today.

Bharti Infratel, one of India’s top tower companies, has taken a pioneering step towards replacing diesel generators with solar energy, reducing Co2 emissions by 2.5 tonnes per tower every year.

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