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Bharti Airtel Limited FY 2009: Revenue growth of 37%; Maiden dividend announced

Highlights for Full Year ended March 31, 2009

  • ● Overall customer base crosses 9.66 crore.
  • ● Highest ever-net addition of 3.24 crore customers in a year.
  • ● Market leader with a market share of all India wireless subscribers at 24% (23.7% last year)
  • ● Total Revenues of Rs. 36,962 crore (up 37% Y-o-Y).
  • ● EBITDA of Rs. 15,168 crore (up 33% Y-o-Y).
  • ● Cash Profit from operations of Rs. 14,007 crore (up 26% Y-o-Y).
  • ● Net Income of Rs. 8,470 crore (up 26% Y-o-Y).

Highlights for Fourth Quarter ended March 31, 2009

  • ● Highest ever-net addition of 83.79 lakh customers in a single quarter.
  • ● Total Revenues of Rs. 9,825 crore (up 26% Y-o-Y).
  • ● EBITDA of Rs. 4,001 crore (up 23% Y-o-Y).
  • ● Cash Profit from operations of Rs. 3,788 crore (up 25% Y-o-Y).
  • ● Net Income of Rs. 2,239 crore (up 21% Y-o-Y).

New Delhi, India, April 29, 2009: Bharti Airtel Limited (“Bharti Airtel” or “the company”) today announced its audited US GAAP results for the fourth quarter and full year ended March 31, 2009. It has once again maintained its strong growth momentum.

The consolidated total revenues for the quarter ended March 31, 2009 of Rs. 9,825 crore grew by 26% and EBITDA of Rs. 4,001 crore grew by 23% on a year on year basis. The cash profit from operations of Rs. 3,788 crore grew by 25% over last year. The net income for the quarter ended March 31, 2009 was Rs. 2,239 crore, a growth of 21% over last year.

The revenues and net income for the full year ended March 31, 2009 was Rs. 36,962 crore and Rs. 8,470 crore, a growth of 37% and 26% over the same period last year respectively.

Bharti had crore subscribers, as on March 31, 2009, an increase in the total subscriber base of 50% over the corresponding period last year and maintained its leadership position through an improved market share of all India wireless subscribers at 24% as on March 31, 2009, up from 23.7% corresponding to the same period of last year.

Commenting on the results and performance, Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Chairman & Managing Director, Bharti Airtel Limited, said “I am happy to share the results and performance for the year ended 31st March 2009. Bharti Airtel has had an excellent year with revenue growth of 37% . Our focus on rural penetration and customer affordability has been instrumental in delivering this strong growth. The India growth story continues and we expect revival of the economy in the second half of this fiscal year. I have no doubts that the telecom sector will lead the economic revival and Bharti Airtel will be at the forefront. I am also delighted that the shareholder’s patience is being rewarded with the Board having decided to give a maiden dividend of 20% of face value for the year. Further Board has proposed sub-division (share split) of existing equity shares of Rs. 10/- each into two equity shares of Rs. 5 each.

Bharti Airtel Limited - Summary of Consolidate Financial Statement - represent consolidate Statement of income as per United States Generally Accepted Accounting Prinicples(US GAAP)

(Amount in Rs. Crores, except ratios)

Particulars Quarter Ended Y-o-Y Growth Year Ended Y-o-Y Growth
March 2009 March 2008 March 2009 March 2008
Total revenues 9,825 7,891 26% 36,962 27,025 37%
EBITDA 4,001 3,252 23% 15,168 11,372 33%
Cash profit
from operations
3,788 3,036 25% 14,007 11,137 26%
Income before
income taxes
2,491 2,113 18% 9,307 7,654 22%
Net income 2,239 1,853 21% 8,470 6,701 26%

Operating Highlights
(Figures in nos., except ratios)

Parameters Unit Mar 31, 2009 Dec 31, 2008 Q-on-Q
Mar 31,
Customers on our Network            
Mobile Services            
Telemedia 000's 93,923 85,651 10% 61,985 52%
Services 000's 2,726 2,619 4 % 2,283 19%
Total 000's 96,649 88,270 9% 64,268 50%

About Bharti Airtel Limited
Bharti Airtel Limited, a group company of Bharti Enterprises, is one of Asia’s leading integrated telecom services provider with operations in India and Sri Lanka and an aggregate of over million customers as of end of March 2009, consisting of million mobile customers. Bharti Airtel Limited has been voted as India's most innovative company, in a survey conducted by The Wall Street Journal.

Bharti Airtel is structured into three strategic business units - Mobile services, Telemedia services and Enterprise services. The mobile business offers services in India and Sri Lanka. The Telemedia business provides broadband and telephone services in cities, DTH services and has recently forayed into the IPTV services. The Enterprise business provides end-to-end telecom solutions to corporate customers and national and international long distance services to carriers. All these services are provided under the Airtel brand. Airtel’s high-speed optic fibre network currently spans over kms covering all the major cities in the country. The company has two international landing stations in Chennai that connects two submarine cable systems - i2i to Singapore and SEA-ME-WE-4 to Europe. For more information, visit